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The Inspiration:

Time passes in a flash, like the ever-changing tides. Autumn sneaks in, the very moment summer rain takes its first rest.

Strolling along the hills, gazing at the clouds afar. Rays of dawn glazes the river; colours of autumn's affection breezes by, mist and ripples on the river surface
begins to frost.

The next break of day, remnants of last night's dewdrops clings on these floating petals on the lake. At dim day, rays of gold and amber fades. The beam of the
moon unwillingly gazes as the golden clouds breeze off.

When one learns to ask of nothing - finds joy in appreciating the blossoms of spring and the dancing butterflies.  He is at ease, is happy and lives with elegance.  
In this long journey of life, how can one not face any joys or sorrows?

As the stars of this universe change constantly, will we have a chance to reunite with friends dear to us? I send a message to the sky; filled with blessings. May
we keep each other on our minds and continue to keep our hearts close by.

(一) 㱑月似流光        潮来天地绿        清幽一季雨        迷雾漫秋凉

(二) 遥望碧云端        日出江湖白        秋光恋碧树        寒波映翠烟

(三) 晨㬢罩湖溿        落花含宿雨        雲濤映落霞        月照彩云归

(四) 玉树臨風立        花開春意濃        缤纷蝶恋花        随风逍遙遊

(五) 幽径觅蓬萊        銀河落九天        灵犀一点通        天涯共此時

时光匆匆,像潮起潮落一般,春夏的骤雨初歇, 就已经闻到秋天的气息了…  

漫步山径,望着白云深处,臨江日出,浪漫的秋色过后, 烟波江涛渐渐地转寒…  

旭日初昇,湖畔上漂浮的落花,还留著昨夜的露珠儿… 黃昏的落日餘暉,金碧輝煌…月光不捨的, 目送著彩云歸去…

当你対人生已不再有所奢求的時候,看看春節的繁花, 欣賞彩蝶的飞舞 自在,逍遙,飘逸…

漫長的人生路,能否找到一处,不需要離合悲欢的地方? 銀河星換!知心良朋,何能再聚?